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The adventures of being a lemonader (aka product professional)

I’ve been studying for certification and attending product best practices seminars, meeting other product professionals and comparing notes. Below (in no order) is what I’ve heard regarding creating, rewarding and optimizing a culture of product innovation. These are from us, … Continue reading

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Social media the conversation and rainbows?

It’s budget planning time at my office. We all know the drill, guesstimate/forecast what we’ll need for next year’s campaigns and marketing initiatives, and hope we are right, that we didn’t miss anything too much.  Accounting for the new and the … Continue reading

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The Great Unemployment and the Value of Stillness

Last week I transitioned from seeking employment to collaborating with product and campaign managers. It appears that now I am really going to live with my feet in two worlds. “In transition” is the current method to describe “unemployed”. I’ve … Continue reading

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