The Great Unemployment and the Value of Stillness

Last week I transitioned from seeking employment to collaborating with product and campaign managers. It appears that now I am really going to live with my feet in two worlds.

“In transition” is the current method to describe “unemployed”. I’ve been wearing that moniker for a while. I like the term “in transition” and I will continue to use it.

Unemployed is merely descriptive, an adjective. Certainly, it is not a mindset. It sounds static, a place of non-movement and low growth.

In transition is actually more descriptive of the process to become employed; it is a mindset, a phase. The words hold a positive perspective and are forward thinking. The term demands that the searcher be realistic about the journey, objective about their specific skills, and aim for a better place than where they started. It is movement and introspection at the same time.

It is also universal, as we are all in some form of transition.

Most schools of martial arts practice meditation or inward thinking. For a practitioner of these arts it is as fundamental to get in touch with your spirit as it is to test your muscles. The still voice is always there, yet often unheard through the noise we make in living. Quiet time for introspection is key during transitions.

I feel strongly about this, and now I must make time to reflect on my important lessons.

These are the thoughts I can share with you today:

  • I am the sum total of everyone who has met me, helped me, taught me, befriended me.
  • I am not part of the community if I am not an active participant in the human family. Help, teach, be a friend; then you are not just a lurker.
  • A path is only one way to make a journey. Sometimes it’s the right way, other times not so much. You decide; it’s your journey.
  • If you focus on the wrong things, you won’t achieve your goals. Your teacher will appear as Frustration. Stop, it’s a lesson. Recalibrate. Start again.

Say jak! Now begin!

About prdmkgblackbelt

UConn MBA - GO Lady Huskies! UGA Mom, quasi geek, techno-catalyst, NPDP, PrdMktg, reads Campbell & Covey, black belt from Hoshido. Loves sunrises; believes sunsets are promises.
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