The adventures of being a lemonader (aka product professional)

I’ve been studying for certification and attending productIt's the attitude best practices seminars, meeting other product professionals and comparing notes. Below (in no order) is what I’ve heard regarding creating, rewarding and optimizing a culture of product innovation.

These are from us, product professionals. We rock!

  • Product professionals should be inquisitive, curious, good listeners, determined, observant of patterns, lemonaders, passionate, strategic and leaders.
  • Listening too literally to the market will kill you. Say “Let’s run a test” instead.
  • Fail fast,  learn fast. You’re more successful this way.
  • It’s important to know who you AREN’T targeting.
  • Do a Win Analysis at least as often as a Loss Analysis. You get more return leveraging what you’re good at doing.
  • Learn to pivot whenever necessary.
  • It’s no place to learn with the customer.
  • Evidence/facts trump opinion in a product culture.
  • Determine the difference regarding Total Addressable/Total Available markets. This brings a level of clarity to what is truly possible.
  • “We” are NOT the customers – go find a real customer to determine their needs.
  •  Define success and measure it.  Metrics are key and critical. How else to know if you are on the right track?
  • Set expectations often and early so “others” don’t set them for you.
  • Innovation is creative destruction.
  • Think in leaps, iterate in steps.
  • You can conduct 100 focus groups and you’ll never get an iPhone.
  • Make inferences and test them within your markets. Use social as much as possible, but watch credibility.
  • You, the product professional, are the expert. Act like one – be the leader and the champion. Lead with knowledge. Be the industry go-to person.
  • If you continue to improve a product enough, you’ll eventually ruin it.
  • A PM* must be out there with customers in order to be believable by senior management – Marty Cagan. *I include PrdMktg.
  • Design is how it all works. We are in the era of the experience. – Jobs
  • Don’t fall in love – Zuckerman
  • Nothing is what happens if too many have to agree – Seth Godin
  • One accurate measurement is worth more than 1K expert opinions – Grace Hopper

About prdmkgblackbelt

UConn MBA - GO Lady Huskies! UGA Mom, quasi geek, techno-catalyst, NPDP, PrdMktg, reads Campbell & Covey, black belt from Hoshido. Loves sunrises; believes sunsets are promises.
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2 Responses to The adventures of being a lemonader (aka product professional)

  1. Great quotes for Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers or even Product Professionals. Especially the one about being out with customers.

    It is far too easy for product folks to get stuck in the office. To get new ideas, to understand customers and their needs you must get out there.

    • Totally agree Giles. A very early blog of mine goes into this theme and I still stick with it. Pleasing customers is the end goal. Hard to do if you stare at a screen all day. Also hard to get out of the office with all the “to-do” – but it doesn’t make it unnecessary.

      These quotes source from PMs which I think is rich. We know what it takes for excellence.

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