Hello fellow explorers!

I am a product marketing professional with a long history in technology. I’ve riden a good many disruptive technology waves. I was a PC guru long before we even knew what that meant.  I worked with individuals and companies as we LAN/WAN’d ourselves together, only to figure out the Web was “way better”.  I learned software and technologies only to find there were always better software and technologies to learn. I learned to be flexible, to take the long view, and to always be a learner, to expect to find the unexpected. Most importantly, I learned there was always a teacher ready with my next lesson.

I also learned to share a lot.

I write as the prdmkgBlackbelt because I believe my training to obtain my Bo Dan level (black belt) in a style called HoShinDo opened up for me a new world of possibilities. Yes, I’ve always been the dreamer, the one who said “what if…”, the technology catalyst, the bilingual analyst, the MBA in Marketing and Finance; yet it wasn’t until I learned a new skill, martial arts, that I learned about total integration of mind/spirit with physical strength/body. I haven’t looked back.

I would like to share my thoughts with you. I hope you  in turn will participate and share your ideas with me and our community.

Pil Sung!

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