Ancient truth – Storytellers persuade

Humankind has always loved stories and the best leaders know (knew) that fact to be important to get their messages heard.  I’ve just read “Why Stories Sell: Transportation Leads to Persuasion” via @SmartSoftMarket – great to understand some of the mystery.

Seanchai (I’ve met a few), Joseph Campbell and retelling of myths, MLK sharing his dream, Christ and his parables, troubadours with their songs; you don’t have to understand all the words, just listen to the cadence and you are transported.Picture credit: SecurityMonks

A product marketing guy or gal would be well advised to develop/hone great story making and storytelling skills. Just be light on the embellishing and long on the values and customer benefits.

And I don’t mean [death by] PPT.

Picture credit: Security Monks

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2 Responses to Ancient truth – Storytellers persuade

  1. Giles Farrow says:

    Karol, great addition to the original post

    Two reasons I think story telling works for marketing, especially product marketing are

    1) Stories are engaging. A plot (even a basic plot) is more engaging that just spewing out facts and logic. If the reader is enjoying the story and wants to know what happens next, they’ll stick around and read it to the end.

    2) Suspension of disbelief. Decades of advertising has trained customers to put up a defensive wall to block out overt marketing. Cynicism ensures marketing is assumed to be misleading and untrustworthy. Stories can be a sneaky way to lower that defensive wall. As soon as the reader is transported away from their own reality, they’ll be more open to new possibilities e.g. if another customer can achieve wonders so can they

  2. Giles, spot on – especially your thoughts on breaking through to customers by using storytelling. I think engagement is part of the equation too. We have to believe in order to trust, and stories help us go over that barrier. As always, I appreciate your kind insights.

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