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The Nimble Product Marketing Blackbelt

Sparring is essential to enhance martial arts skills. As soon as possible in a match, the practitioner formulates a game plan towards winning. It is critical to anticipate the actions of the opponent, to size up the adversary. Watching – the … Continue reading

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How do you successfully climb a mountain, or launch a successful business, or develop/deploy a new product? You have to have a clear goal, planning and preparation, leadership, teamwork, innovation, execution, excellence, perseverance, and trust. Roland Smith, CEO Wendy’s/Arby’s Group

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Is a Noodle Stronger than a Brainstorm?

쉬어       Shwi-eo,  “At ease-relax”  Why do dreams and shower thoughts present solutions when brainstorming and SWOT come up ho-hum? How does the presence of mind lead to successes in thinking up new products and generating new ideas? The concept of “calm … Continue reading

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RT: WIIFM or Relevance as a PowerPoint Theme

What makes one presentation a home run and another nap time? We’ve all been subjected to death by sideshow and there’s an easy solution to avoid this common occurrence. I believe the key is audience relevancy…making key points to each and every … Continue reading

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