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Social Marketing Impacts Product Professionals

Sharing these thoughts after several days conversing with social marketing explorers, all great conversations. This is the coolest use of the internet! This post is short; knee-deep in a certification course. Back to the full posts next week. Explore: How … Continue reading

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Strategic Framework is the Lesson

Before a product marketing professional can deliver effective messages, that PMM must understand the product strategy.  If our previous lesson was on alignment, this one is about alignment. Surprise!  In order to progress as Product Marketing Black Belts, we must understand Product … Continue reading

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The PMM Colossus…or feet planted in two worlds

Everyone who works any phase of Marketing, Product or otherwise, has their feet in two worlds.  Just as a martial arts student lives in a dual world. As students of karate, we enter the dojang, bow to show respect to our … Continue reading

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