The Nimble Product Marketing Blackbelt

Sparring is essential to enhance martial arts skills. As soon as possible in a match, the practitioner formulates a game plan towards winning. It is critical to anticipate the actions of the opponent, to size up the adversary. Watching – the artist decides what skills and methods are favored by the competitor.  While done, the master knows that the initial plan of moves is not how the match will turn out. The opponent wants to win just as much and formulates a plan of their own.

The sparring practitioner uses rapid test-and-learn change techniques in order to adjust and offset moves the opponent is telescoping. It’s the ultimate in immediate feedback loops! The plan provides the framework, the feedback the win.

An experienced martial artist looks for signs to predict what their opponent’s next move might be; alert. The master sees the opponent’s next punch/kick is coming; observant. The master blocks the attempt and counters while maintaining momentum; responsive. His game plan changes; adaptive. The process continues.

The successful sparring master is always in the present moment – attentive, perceptive, nimble and agile in both mind and body.

The take-away for 21stcentury product marketing professionals?

Don’t dwell in the past or plan too far in the future – agility depends on this

I do not advocate an adversarial attitude, rather discover adaptability instead. Learn that adaptability and agility (the ability to react/change direction efficiently/learn/adjust) are within the present. Plan too far in the future and you will miss the signs, risking loss of balance and speed.

The differentiator today is how we manage the process of marketing, just as it is for the successful sparring master who manages the process of sparring. The proof is in the outcomes.

Excellent, pil sung. Wear the blue belt with pride.


About prdmkgblackbelt

UConn MBA - GO Lady Huskies! UGA Mom, quasi geek, techno-catalyst, NPDP, PrdMktg, reads Campbell & Covey, black belt from Hoshido. Loves sunrises; believes sunsets are promises.
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