Is there a difference between luck and chaos?

Let’s ask – can we truly pinpoint the ONE cause as generating the ONE possible effect?

Is it possible that ANY cause may produce ANY effect? If so, how can we reward the “success” choice if the “failure” choice is just as random?

All we can truly know is that a fruit contains many seeds, and all seeds have the possibility of becoming trees. What is it that causes some seeds to flourish and others to die off? Is it the fault of the seed, or the environment in which the seed existed?

Is Chaos really a Butterfly?

I say no result comes about independently; we all operate in an inter-connected world. We talk about the butterfly effect, so it is a known factor, albeit a shadow event. What have butterflies and randomness have to do with getting a product to market successfully? Plenty and it can be due to the five letter word CHAOS, aka “issues” and “delays.”

Chaos may have something to do with math (the engine that makes the universe work) – and the theory that nothing is exactly as planned. [Note to self, return to entre sentence to this blog.]. According to mythology KHAOS emerged immediately when the universe began, then the earth began. It’s recent that KHAOS (Chaos) emerges as a butterfly, the insect that begins its life after metamorphosis. To the butterfly, that is one heck of a heaping of chaos! Maybe the ancients had it all figured out.

Does the butterfly effect play a part in product marketing? Anyone who has ever launched in a global market will agree – the answer is a booming “YES.” We expect it, look for it, valiantly plan for it and deal with it. Chaos keeps us on our toes, as it comes in many silhouettes.

Is it possible that a small effect can have a huge effect on planned events? Theorists state that this is so, especially if that small event begins at the start of the process; it then multiplies the effect. Think tsunami waves. Important! Remember this as you embark on the launch process. Be mindful of the initial events in the cycle. They may hold a bigger impact to positive results than later events.

If Mr Chaos is not a friend, what about Lady Luck?

Does luck “Fortuna” have a part to play, rather than chaos – the seed happened to land on the good soil and sprouted, without having to deal with catastrophe like someone stepping on the seedling?

Myth shows Fortuna with a veil and blind, much like justice (but without her scales). It’s been said we make our own luck. Maybe so. Fortuna is also known as the goddess of “Fate.” Full circle, are we returning again to Chaos?

Do we make our own luck? Can we make our own chaos? Or does it matter? Is it we do not have a handle on these two because it’s out of our hands? Do all travel the same path called “deal with it?” That brings the word “mindfulness”. Be in the moment, learn the lesson and proceed with compassion.

I say all are part of the equation, deal equally with them, each effectively in your own manner according to the task. Focus on the result, it’ll all work out.

This concludes the orange belt lesson. You have earned the right to test for green belt.

Pil sung, my friend.


About prdmkgblackbelt

UConn MBA - GO Lady Huskies! UGA Mom, quasi geek, techno-catalyst, NPDP, PrdMktg, reads Campbell & Covey, black belt from Hoshido. Loves sunrises; believes sunsets are promises.
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