All sides might equal a circle

All sided mandela

All sides = a circle if enough data points

Orange belt – just a level above Yellow but so much more than what we knew as Yellow belts.

As a practioner, I enjoyed the Orange belt- it was the first time I could see that I incorporated the concepts of 1) all sides (right, left, front, back) and 2) enjoyed doing so.

Joy – strange term to use while learning the martial arts? Yes? No?

What I describe is the joy that comes with making that big step towards understanding. To a martial arts practitioner, all sides are important; some would say it’s a circle. There is no “dominate” or “sub-dominant” (like left or right handedness). What you learn for one, you practice for all.

So, if in Yellow belt we began to understand “Alignment”, what do we joyfully learn/understand in Orange? I’ll explain…

I define the Orange belt candidate as a PMM moving to being knowledgeable in product strategy, usually in the context of an overall portfolio of products. The Orange belt candidate must expand their ability to effectively communicate product messages for each product in their portfolio. This belt is a gate-belt, not a senior belt; what is learned here is a baseline for future development and success.

If not learned well, future successes will be hard to come by.

The Orange belt candidate must determine the product family strategy and craft compelling messages, all the while aligning to the Corporate Message. No wonder Orange belt teaches the practitioner to move in all directions.

The Orange belt is many levels below a Black. There are many learnings and practices yet to come. If not learned/practiced/internalized, major FAIL incoming.

Next – steps to awarding of Orange belt.

Pil sung!

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UConn MBA - GO Lady Huskies! UGA Mom, quasi geek, techno-catalyst, NPDP, PrdMktg, reads Campbell & Covey, black belt from Hoshido. Loves sunrises; believes sunsets are promises.
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