Keeping the Wheels from Falling Off is Important

Seth is on to something…

linch·pin  1 : a locking pin inserted crosswise [to keep the wheel on] 2 : one that serves to hold together parts or elements that exist or function as a unit

“Linchpin” describes a link between two things.

It’s an old word (13th century) and from what I see, is relevant today.

I believe linchpin is a mantra critical for product managers and their counterparts in product marketing.  PMs as linchpins, keep the wheels from falling off the product plan. We are also the glue that holds different parts of the organization together as the product is designed, created, launched, and used by customers. We are the link, and we stand between the many worlds, don’t we?

Seth Godin, in an interview with a friend Chad Rothschild,, said “Be a better marketer by practicing; learn, learn, try, try – there is no shortcut.”   I liked that quote so I share it with you. Interesting, the title of this blog post includes the word “linchpin”… 

One final note, the picture is of an ancient Chinese chariot linchpin.  Notice, that besides crafting a strong pin to keep the wheels on, its creator endowed it with beauty.  Maybe its creator existed with his feet in two worlds as well?  The warrior just expected the pin to work; beauty was not part of the function set. Who had the right idea?

I’d be happy to hear your opinion.

Ko Yo Han – Quiet! as we watch and listen.


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UConn MBA - GO Lady Huskies! UGA Mom, quasi geek, techno-catalyst, NPDP, PrdMktg, reads Campbell & Covey, black belt from Hoshido. Loves sunrises; believes sunsets are promises.
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